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Its been a while since I created the screencast on how to install Acquia Drupal on your local machine, I just happened to format my system and needed to setup all my applications again.

So, here are the latest steps to follow to get you up in no time.

First of, my requirement is to...  Read more

HTML Purifier is a great module to help you properly secure your website.  Having a wide open CKEditor configuration can expose your site to many attacks, such as XSS. The HTML Purifier module is great addition to your overall site security, but configuring it can be a challenge.  So, this post...  Read more

When moving website url from http to https, one has to keep in mind the SEO impact and ensure that we configure permanent (301) redirects so that any backlinks and page rank juice carries forward to the new url.

This can be broken down further into two parts.

  1. Updating the .
  2. ...  Read more

Here is how you setup your Drupal site to be super SEO optimized.

1) Pathauto module - rewrites your titles to the URL.

2) global_redirect  module- avoids duplicate content...  Read more

One great little trick for a better user interface and content administration is the ability to upload a decent large size image but in the content show a small size but once clicked it should show the large size.

Sounds pretty simple and as a matter of fact is quite simple to achieve in...  Read more

Simple tips that new and maybe seasoned Drupal users will find interesting.

Here is the scenario, you want to set your 'teaser' so that when you enter your 'Teaser Break' in node body, the teaser view of the content will show just the section till your 'teaser...  Read more


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